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We are not the only air conditioning repair miami company out there, and we encourage every customer to get a general understanding of what an AC repair company is supposed to do.

Wether you choose to do business with us, do it your self, or hire another company, here is an article that should help you make that choise.

Air conditioning repair services in Miami are fairly easy to find when there is a need for periodic repair and maintenance jobs done in a home’s AC system.

A lot of times though, people prefer to fix the air conditioning problems on their own instead of consulting the experts and this, more often than not, results in more damages.

There are several things you can do to keep your AC units in working condition, but the rest of the maintenance should always be left to someone with the skills and experience to do it.

How Do I Determine the Need to Hire an Air Conditioner Repair Miami Company?

One of the foremost reasons why you would require the assistance of an air conditioner repair service is maintenance. You may prefer to do this on your own to save on expenses, but remember that overall maintenance does not only include cleaning the filters and making sure they are unclogged.

There are other internal parts in an AC unit that require regular cleaning and upkeep, and these can only be checked by a certified technicians in the Miami area especially if the unit is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Of course, AC units lose their efficiency and start to malfunction when repairs and parts replacement are needed, and this is another reason why you would want to get in touch with air conditioning repair services.

The manufacturer of the AC can often provide the parts that need replacing at no additional cost on your part and will in fact provide the technicians who are most skilled in these areas (if the unit is under warranty). Otherwise, you can consult with the AC technician in South Florida as to the best options you can go for when there is a need to repair or replace a malfunctioning component.

Can I Troubleshoot the Problems on My Own?

Absolutely! To save time and money rather than calling an air conditioning technician, you can troubleshoot the unit on your own. However, you need to check if the warranty is still in place, as you may lose it by tampering with your air conditioner without proper assistance. Here are two of the most common examples of AC problems faced by homeowners and ways to troubleshoot them:

air-compressorA Damaged Compressor — this usually manifests itself with a grinding and whirring noise from inside the unit. To make sure that this is the case, turn on the air conditioner and wait for the sound to commence.

This is usually followed by the sound of the external condenser fan. A replacement may probably be needed, but you may want to call a qualified technician to check it for you and offer you options on what the next move should be.

air-conditioner-fanA Malfunction Fan — You can troubleshoot this issue by disconnecting it from the electrical outlet and taking off the grill that protects the unit. Try to turn the fan blade manually. If you encounter resistance or the blade is difficult to turn then chances are it already needs replacing, and you would need to have a qualified technician do it for you.

Troubleshooting Did Not Work, What Do I Do Now?

A lot of air conditioning companies offer their services to customers who may be in need of air conditioning repair services for their homes so get in touch with one as soon as possible. To make it easier for you, here are a few things you can keep in mind when hiring air conditioning repair service specialists in the Miami area:

First, take a look at the air conditioning contractor’s reputation in other local Miami review websites. A lot of these have websites that promote their services to potential customers and you may want to know how efficient they are from their customers’ point of view from feedback and testimonials.

Next, narrow down your choices to a few who have local offices or are originally based in your area. This is to ensure that you can easily get in touch with them should you need assistance or perhaps inquire about their other services.

Choosing air conditioner repair service experts who are based in the Miami area can also assure you of prompt response in case you need after sales parts and services in emergency situations.

Lastly, check the license of the air conditioning repair service you plan to hire. Deal only with technicians who are licensed to work in the city of Miami and are covered with the necessary insurance. This will protect you from any unwanted complications should anything happen while your AC unit is being serviced.